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These are brand new Creative Sounds UK Music Playlists with some of the best tracks that have been on repeat play on our digital turn table. This week we’ve got 12 amazing artists tracks that cut new ground! Take a detour and drive into exciting new territory with the latest in Indie Rock Music. Our goal is to recognize the efforts of promoters, venues, Radio Stations and music fans who’ve been championing these new acts. Be part of this community in spreading the word in providing the necessary support for the UK Indie music scene to thrive. PLEASE LIKE & ADD THESE SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS TO YOUR PLAYLIST LIBRARIES! To ensure the emerging music we’re supporting gains more streams.


Playlist reviews

salvation jayne – remix ep

The new Remix EP released on Friday by Salvation Jayne defiantly breathes new life and energy into Rock. The EP Comprised of remixes by the awesome Saint Agnes, The Pearl Harts, Violet Vendetta, Jericho Tozer, Fuji Hideout & Tiiva. The quality of musicianship and mixing are what makes these tracks truly impressive! They encompass hard-edged electronic sound, with the added appeal that the mixers have created irresistible beats to match. Rave/Techno/Dance/Electro-Rock/Punk are all added into the mix resulting in an album full of unbridled energy. Music that is a glorious hybrid of post-hip-hop beats married to techno’s drive and punk. This EP will unite two very different types of music fans – ravers and rockers. This is music that is fiercely independent, stands on it’s own merits, and rages against being pigeonholed. These mixes have a unique energy of their own, and I expect they will be retained longer on your playlist than most hyped bands who come and go.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

the rills – the angler

This exciting new tune from the Rills has a catchy Libertines-esque melody, and a driving beat.  The song opens with some solid bass and drum work establishing the rhythmic structure of the song, reminiscent of Buckler and Foxton as an integral element of the band’s sound.  The stabbing guitars have a distorted gritty quality similar in tone to ‘The Ha Ha Wall.’  The Angler includes tasteful lead lines within a 3 or 4 note framework, and bouncy sing along vocals.  The observational style lyrics are both entertaining and perceptive.  The subject of the song is about a sycophant and poseur who tries too hard to impress, like ‘An actor who never plays a part’ with a dress sense to match. They jokingly compare the angler to ‘Angela Merkel in a shell suit.’  Undoubtedly there is a lot of promise in the band who’ve got talent, style and literary prowess in equal measure. I’m certain that we will be hearing a lot more from this Lincolnshire band in the near future.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

blab – R.IP.

Instantly catchy, guitar riff driven banger from (Essex Girl) Fran Murray, also known as BLAB. ‘RIP’ is her debut single released on Cool Thing Records, who certainly know a thing or two about championing exciting new music.  It’s a song full of attitude with a nod in the direction of the observational lyricism of Polystyrene, drenched in gorgeous heavy fuzz tones and expansive swaggering psychedelic pop sounds of Stone Roses.  

This is an anthem to breaking up and a big FU to a car crash of a relationship. With words spat out with sardonic wit, they aptly express both anger and disappointment “I gave you my heart, I gave you my car, I’m amazed that you managed to drive it this far.  I crawled underneath and I unscrewed the seats.  What a waste of a decade now you rest in peace.”

The production also heightens the mood of detachment and confusion, in the ethereal qualities of the backing vocals and alien space invaders blips. Like all the best Post Punk Music the dissonant noise adds to the songs charm. All in all there is a lot to hook you in with this track, and I am certain hearing this debut will keep you wanting for more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Muca & La Marquise – ‘London’

‘London’ is an excellent debut by Muca & La Marquise, from Brazil and France retrospectively who wrote the song on a sunny afternoon in London Fields. It is an open love letter to the city. It tells the tale of two foreigners falling for the charms in town. The song has a charming joyful quality about it very much in the tradition of Astrud Gilberto’s Girl from Ipanema with sumptuously mellow chords. La Marquise sings passionately about her attachment to London, a city she has very much fallen in love with. The evocative lyrical motifs, the tone of her voice, and the three-piece band arrangement wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Keren Ann album. Her vocals are light, delicate, and pretty, somewhat like a modern-day Françoise Hardy everything about this new release injects new life into the genre. Listeners will be enchanted by the 60s Parisian jazz vibe brought very much up to date; celebrating the diversity of the city that welcomes musicians from across the world who settle here and make this their home. It is also very poignant, in these times of Brexit that this single celebrates the shared cultural heritage of the city, and engenders a deep sense of belonging. We look forward to hearing much more from these modern day troubadours.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Bitch Falcon – ‘gaslight’

Bitch Falcon’s ‘Gaslight’ is a powerful rock song with a message.  The song’s lyrics appear to express the vulnerabilities of being in the public eye, and the attempt to live up to another’s expectations that can ultimately effect a person’s sanity.   There is an intensity in the rhythmic structures and angular riffs laid down by Nigel Kenny on drums and Barry O’Sullivan on Bass.  This is combined with the hypnotic vocal delivery of Lizzie Fitzpatrick on vocals and guitar, whose vocals swirl around hauntingly like a person struggling to make sense of the situation.  The grunge like heaviness of the music creates a wave of sound that metaphorically feels like intense distortion, bearing down on the protagonist, threatening to drown them out with crushing doubts and insecurities.  There is an exciting other worldly unpredictable quality to this track.  There are distinct echoes and abstract splashes of Sugar Cubes and Gang of Four, and vintage post-punk or experimental groups.  The band from Dublin have clearly got a very exciting future ahead, and we look forward to hearing more from them in the near future.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After London – ‘operator’

With a huge sounding fuzz bass opening, this bold post punk song, opens with an energy that commands your attention, and doesn’t let go. It’s a cosmic blend of Peter Hook’s atmospheric guitar and  Howlett’s/Prodigy’s rock-inspired drum rhythms, infused with rave music beats/breaks that’ll have you dancing and fist pumping in equal measure. On first listening you’re immediately won over by After London’s sound, something that’ll fit comfortably on our playlist alongside Wolf Alice and Dream Wife. The punctuated drum beat accentuates the swagger of the lyrics, challenging anyone to moderate or control another’s behaviour. The singer spits out the lyrics with such strength and conviction, you feel swept along by the energy of the tune and compelled to join the party.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Cameron Hayes – ‘Super ego’

This is such a powerhouse of a song, complete with growling guitar and forceful lyrics. The vocals reach such volume and intensity throughout. Cameron’s, emotive, edgy voice typical of some of the best ‘Wall of sound artists,’ belts out a repetitive refrain about letting go of inhibitions, and living in the moment. This is a firm favourite, and will definitely be worth looking out for more exciting music from this artist in the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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